As Vancouver Moves to High Density Housing, Vancouver’s Alair Homes led by David Babakaiff builds award-winning homes and businesses that help people live better lives.

About Alair(TM) Homes

Alair(TM) not only builds custom homes, they build high density homes like duplexes, townhomes, and multiplex condo buildings that meet the new Vancouver Zoning bylaws.

They support great construction companies and local initiatives so they can give back and support their respective communities.

5-Star Testimonials Include:

“Working with Alair homes was a pleasure. Very professional, very thorough. The unique budgeting process was a big deciding factor for us when we were looking for a project manager. The ability to see your budget online at any given moment was a real plus. The feature of having a high end and a low end budget, and the ability to adjust to a higher end on certain items if you are under on others and be able to make those decisions quickly because you always know where you’re at financially is well worth it!”

“We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on projects with Alair Homes over the past few years and they are an amazing custom home builder to work with. Being in the industry for over 12 years, our firm has worked with many different homebuilders. Without a doubt, Alair Homes is definitely among the best in terms of quality, transparency, and service excellence. Their unique business model allows them to give the homeowner a high quality home at an extremely competitive price based on their purchasing power of having multiple locations. This model is brilliant, as it creates a huge win-win for the homeowner client. Also, their business systems allow them to give homeowners a complimentary initial budget, which is a great service to homeowners considering building a custom home, and in the early stages of their project. Over the years, we have seen the “behind the scenes” of their business as their design partner, and only have raving reviews of each project we have completed with Alair. I would highly recommend Alair Homes to any homeowner looking to build a custom home.”

“Alair Homes handled two renovations for our home between 2014 and 2015. They were very professional and great to work with. They rebuilt our 50 year home and completely updated it. Due to the scope of the project, it was full of difficult challenges and Alair was able to meet them and deliver results that were incredible. We were very pleased with the entire process in how our home came together.”

About David Babakaiff

As a seasoned builder, multi-business founder and real estate investor, David has spent the last 25 years in construction; the last 11 as President of Alair(TM) Homes Vancouver helping homeowners, architects, house planners, design firms and select realtors.

Alair(TM) consists of a team of exceptional people designing and building award-winning homes with the backing of over 100 Alair offices in North America. His background is diverse having owned companies in the forestry, construction and alternate energy sectors.

Over the last 25 years, David participated in the building of 181 homes, small condominiums, countless renovations, 19 commercial and office retrofits, 3 food pantries, 1 food pantry for animal shelter, 7 little libraries, and a playroom retrofit for BC Children’s Hospital.

He served as vice president of a chapter of the Canadian Homebuilder’s Association, and enjoys mentoring builders and trades companies along the way.

According to Alair(TM), “It is the First of its Kind – Today, Alair(TM) has the largest footprint of any premium custom home building and large-scale renovation/remodeling brand in the world. We are proud to be North America’s most trusted custom homes and renovations partner of leading architects, designers, trade experts and many other award winning industry professionals. As an Alair(TM) client you enjoy the benefits of unmatched expertise and unparalleled commitment to integrity and value.”

Media Contact

Alair Homes, Vancouver
Contact name
David Babakaiff
Contact phone
(604) 367-5496
Contact address
1500 West Georgia Street 13th Floor
V6G 2Z6

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