Portland, OR – Individuals involved in hit-and-run auto accidents may find it beneficial to file a personal injury claim. Prior to initiating this process, Sears Injury Law – Portland ensures that victims are fully informed about their legal rights, the typical timeline for auto accident claims, and the necessary legal requirements. This knowledge provides a solid foundation for effectively pursuing recovery of damages.

Each state has a statute of limitations, which are legal deadlines for how long a victim has to file a claim after being injured in an auto accident. Though insurance companies also have a time frame for filing claims, they count on the fact that many accident victims don’t know they can file a claim and accept low settlement offers.

A Sears Injury Law – Portland Auto Accident Lawyer can meet victims wherever is convenient if their injuries make it difficult to visit the office. The lawyers take pride in accommodating clients’ needs and want every experience to be as stress-free as possible. Since the firm’s inception, the team has helped many auto accident victims secure damages so they can look forward to their future.

In most cases, police officers make a report on arrival at the scene of the hit-and-run accident. Police reports include eyewitness accounts, statements of the involved parties, a summary of the events, and more. These reports are useful as evidence to insurance companies and personal injury attorneys to calculate damages or assign fault.

Sears Injury Law – Portland knows how to convey information and arguments necessary, including police and other legal reports, to resolve a hit-and-run accident case. They use a unique and client-centered approach to personal injury law, contacting victims regularly and working proactively rather than reactively.

The firm features trained investigators, negotiators, and paralegals, many of whom have previously worked for insurance companies. The team understands the various factors to consider when valuing a personal injury claim, the tricks adjusters use to deny settlements, and the legal strategies to employ at every step.

Besides hit-and-run accidents, Sears Injury Law – Portland represents victims of car, motorcycle, bus, train, airplane, and truck accidents suffering due to catastrophic/traumatic injuries as a result of distracted driving, overspeeding, manufacturer defects, or other forms of negligence.

The Personal Injury Attorney Portland pursues pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, disability, and more. The motto ‘What we do – All we do’ represents the team’s dedication to focusing on personal injury law only, leveraging skills, experience, and resources toward helping victims. This approach has earned them many glowing reviews.

“My first time experiencing and having to go through an attorney, and, I do not regret going with Seattle Injury Law. They’ve been calling me to follow up with my family and me during the process to see how we are doing…The team is amazing…” Yogi, Satisfied Client.

About Sears Sears Injury Law – Portland

Sears Injury Law – Portland advocates for clients against big insurance companies, paying attention to clients’ needs and acting in their best interest. In addition to bringing diverse experience to each case, the team frequently collaborates with local doctors, investigators, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, nurses, and more to prove a claim and give clients comprehensive care.

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