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In preparation for summer, Turtle Wax is continuing its collaboration with Netflix star Mister Cartoon the legendary tattoo artist and lowrider builder to introduce three new car care products to its popular Art of Car Care line. Each of these will leave your car shining and protected all season long. The new products, developed with Mister Cartoon's expertise and passion for cars, are now available in-store or online at O'Reilly's or TurtleWax.com.

New collaboration between Mister Cartoon and Turtle Wax. The duo has launched three new products in its popular Art of Car Care line: All Metal Polish, Quick Wax, and Tire Coat available from TurtleWax.com or OreillyAuto.com
New collaboration between Mister Cartoon and Turtle Wax. The duo has launched three new products in its popular Art of Car Care line: All Metal Polish, Quick Wax, and Tire Coat available from TurtleWax.com or OreillyAuto.com

Designed to elevate the aesthetic of your ride while also leaving it properly protected, these innovations expand upon the seven detailing products the duo launched in 2023, along with numerous air care products. The innovations include:

All Metal Polish (SRP $13): This is not your average metal polish; it's a comprehensive solution for all your metal polishing needs, designed to bring out the best in your vehicle's metal surfaces.

Its powerful formula contains precision polishing agents that brighten metal surfaces and fight off future oxidation.

Specifically designed to restore the original reflection in chrome, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more, it will help to ensure your vehicle's metal parts stay as good as new no matter what you drive.

Added ceramic infusion helps clean, restore, polish, and protect all metal surfaces, making it a must-have for long-term metal care.

Quick Wax (SRP $12): Achieving the perfect, glossy shine for your ride is now a breeze, and it will remain fully protected, too.

Ceramic infusion provides notable shine to your finish, as well as protection and exceptional water repellency in minutes.

The powers of synthetic sealants and carnauba wax combine to create a stunning, mirror-like shine on all exterior surfaces.

The application is quick and easy. Simply spray on a clean, wet, or dry vehicle and wipe it off to reveal the gloss shine.

It's a hassle-free way to keep your vehicle looking its best, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride!

Tire Coat (SRP $14): Thanks to ceramic and acrylic infusion, your tires will experience unmatched, lasting brilliance and protection for up to a year, giving you peace of mind that your car's appearance is maintained for an extended period.

Tire Coat provides a deep black, high-gloss, layer-able shine, bringing water and dirt repellency while driving.

Scrub resistance means you can take your car wherever you want, even wash it, without worrying about removing the coating.

It dries to the touch in minutes and won't accumulate dirt, and you can hit the road without worrying about slinging.

With a rich history of involvement in the automotive industry, Turtle Wax and Mister Cartoon are not just names but symbols of quality, artistry, and innovation. They bring a product line that caters to all car enthusiasts, whether they own a daily driver, lowrider, custom rims, whitewalls, or custom paint jobs. No matter what type of vehicle you own, you can trust the combined expertise of Turtle Wax and Mister Cartoon to deliver exceptional car care products, ensuring your cars appearance is in safe hands.

For more product information, visit TurtleWax.com or their YouTube page. To purchase, visit O'Reilly's Auto Parts online or in-store or TurtleWax.com. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the Art of Car Care line, a game-changer in car care.


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The Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax in 1944. More than 75 years later, the 'Most Innovative Brand in Car Care' is still capturing the attention of the auto appearance industry with a cross-category assortment of No. 1 selling products. With product distribution in more than 120 countries, the Turtle Wax brand resonates globally. Still, the brand's heart remains in its hometown of Chicago, where award-winning innovation is still developed. For an inside look at the brand's breakthrough product development process or how Turtle Wax supports car culture worldwide, visit TurtleWax.com

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