Tacoma, WA – Sears Injury Law – Tacoma has announced it will continue to support teenagers and their loved ones who have suffered direct and indirect impacts of auto accident injuries. This comes as statistics reveal that auto accidents are among the leading causes of death and disability for teenagers across America.

Speaking on the shocking fact and effect of auto accidents on teenagers, the lead attorney at the law firm revealed that about 3,000 teenagers die annually in car accidents. He maintained that over two-thirds of auto fatalities mainly involve male teenagers.

“Most serious crashes with teen drivers can be pinned on critical errors such as: driving too fast for the road conditions, being distracted, and failing to properly detect and respond to hazards,” Rob Sears, the lead injury lawyer at the firm, stated.

He maintained that drivers in their late teens are three times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident compared to older drivers, with 28% of the age group’s accidents linked to speeding. The experienced car accident lawyer at Sears Injury Law – Tacoma, however, understands that despite the alarming statistics, teenage drivers may not necessarily be responsible for all the tragic car accidents they’re in.

Therefore, the lawyers are committed to representing teenagers involved in accidents. Their commitment is to provide astute legal services from the start to the end of their cases, helping affected teenagers get a better chance at recovering their losses.

The lead attorney at the law firm welcomed teenagers involved in auto accidents to contact their consultation line. He noted that their no-cost consultation line allows teenagers to seek immediate legal help to understand their situation and how best to navigate it. He maintained that their team will carefully examine the facts of each case and guide clients to ensure they protect their rights and interests.

The personal injury lawyers at Sears Injury Law – Tacoma have a reputation for standing by their clients throughout their legal process. This means providing the help and support clients need during the initial investigation stages through to negotiations or trial proceedings. During this time, accident victims can rest assured that they’ll not be charged a dime in upfront legal fees and costs until their case is won.

Sears Injury Law – Tacoma represents teenagers and adults in all kinds of personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents, airplane accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, wrongful death, birth injuries, dog bite injuries, and others.

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Sears Injury Law – Tacoma offers dedicated and transparent legal support to accident victims who have been hurt or injured due to another person’s negligence. Their attorneys are extending their excellent services to teenagers at risk of auto accident injuries.

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