The best dental management software for 2024 was announced by Titan Web Agency, a dental marketing agency based out of Salt Lake City Metro, Utah.

This list was compiled by agency owner Tyson Downs and his team. Mr. Downs said it was developed through his research and opinions from dentists and office managers around the US. They noted they spent over a hundred hours researching and compiling the list.

The top 17 dental practice management software (PMS) programs were evaluated and ranked. Many companies try to buy their way onto the list, but that isn’t possible.

The list of the 17 top dental PMS covers the most important needs dentists say they have. While each software program is somewhat similar, they all have slightly different and sometimes unique features.

“A good example is a general practice dentistry v. an orthodontist. A GP dentist will have the same patients for years, even decades. An orthodontist can treat a patient for months to a few years, and that person is done,” Mr. Downs said. “Each office needs a way to track the patient and the care that person receives, which is different in terms of the length of treatment and frequency of visits.”

Most of the dental office management programs are cloud-based, and some are housed in the clinic’s computer network. Both of these bring a set of critical security concerns.

“Dental records are a low priority for most hackers, but someone will try it. They may hack the system to put ransomware on the computer. They may hack it just for the fun of trying. Regardless, with HIPAA regulations, a doctor must take this seriously,” Mr. Downs said.

The ranking list is available at no cost to anyone interested in viewing it. It lists the top features of each software program in a convenient bullet format.

“Titan Web Agency is all about helping dentists grow their practice. Running your dental clinic day to day is up to you,” Mr. Downs said. “As we work with dentists, we often get asked if we offer management solutions or can recommend the best software. We don’t offer dental management services. We developed the list available to any dentist, whether or not the doctor uses our marketing services. We feel it is our way to give back and provide value for those we come in contact with.”

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