[Cannes, 17th May, 2024] – The Cannes Film Festival 2024 witnessed a dazzling appearance by Chinese celebrity and renowned social media influencer, Sun Shaqi, widely known as XiaoxiaoSha. Donning a captivating outfit that beautifully blended traditional Chinese elements, XiaoxiaoSha’s presence on the red carpet highlighted the strength and elegance of Chinese women.

Invited by the global holistic supplement brand YIMPRESSION, Sun Shaqi graced the red carpet alongside fellow Chinese stars Guan Xiaotong, and Zhang Li.

Sun Shaqi, CEO of Meisha Culture Media and a travel influencer boasts an impressive following of over 18 million fans on social media. Her videos have amassed over 2 billion views, with individual clips reaching as many as 60 million views. A graduate of the Istituto Marangoni in Italy, XiaoxiaoSha’s diverse experiences in the US, South Korea, and China have shaped her into a multi-lingual talent fluent in English, Korean, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

In 2020, XiaoxiaoSha transitioned to the live e-commerce industry, achieving a cumulative GMV of over 2 billion yuan, with the highest single-day GMV exceeding 27 million yuan.

XiaoxiaoSha is also the founder of the R30 clothing brand and co-founder of the designer shoe brand 7or9. Despite her petite height of 158 cm, her fashion sense and style are highly regarded. She shared her approach to fashion, stating, “Accentuate strengths and avoid weaknesses, adapt to the situation.”

Reflecting on her red carpet appearance, XiaoxiaoSha said, “As a Chinese person, this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase traditional Chinese cultural elements and fashion to the world. For this event, I chose a dress incorporating traditional Chinese embroidery and classic bamboo patterns, symbolizing elegance and purity. I also carried a gold fan adorned with intricate carvings and jade accents, resembling a badge rich in ethnic flavor.”

Currently a mother to a 15-month-old and two months pregnant with her second child, XiaoxiaoSha has traveled to nearly 40 countries and flown hundreds of thousands of kilometers since leaving her stable job at 30 to become a full-time travel blogger. She is one of China’s pioneering female drone pilots and has been recognized as one of Weibo’s top 10 influential travel bloggers for five consecutive years. Additionally, she has held significant positions in the media industry, including being a Forbes U30 Tourism Panel judge for two years.

Like many, XiaoxiaoSha strives to balance her work and family life. She believes, “Work is the foundation of a woman’s confidence, and family is my soft core. It teaches me love, helps me understand love, and appreciate love. Both are important, but to be honest, there’s no such thing as balance. Managing both well often means sacrificing rest and sleep or receiving great support and help.”

She added, “Walking on my first red carpet while pregnant with my second child, I hope my child will have many international opportunities and a successful career in the future. I aspire to be a mother they can be proud of, as parents are the best role models for their children.”

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