Founded in 2021, this innovative company is putting an end to ticket counterfeiting and price speculation, ensuring safe buying and reselling for all fans.

Madrid, Spain, 3rd Jun 2024 – In April 2021, Rebel Tickets emerged as a disruptor in the ticket resale industry, committed to addressing two of the most persistent problems in the market: ticket counterfeiting and exorbitant price speculation. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of a movement to restore trust and fairness in the buying and reselling of tickets for high-demand events.


The ticket resale market has long been plagued by issues affecting both consumers and event producers. From fraudulent tickets to inflated prices that make events inaccessible to many true fans, the challenges are significant. Rebel Tickets set out to change this with a platform that not only reduces the risk of fraud but also ensures resale prices stay within reasonable limits.


“The industry needed a solution that truly considered both fans and event organizers. With Rebel Tickets, we are offering that solution,” explains the company’s CEO, Asier Bengoa. The platform uses advanced technology to verify each resold ticket, ensuring it is authentic and valid for the event. Additionally, each resold ticket is reissued with a new barcode, eliminating any possibility of duplication.


A distinctive feature of Rebel Tickets is its commitment to fair pricing. “We have implemented a model where resale prices cannot exceed a certain percentage over the original ticket price,” says Asier Bengoa. This policy not only helps to prevent rampant speculation but also ensures that more fans can enjoy their favorite events without breaking their budget.


In addition to its technological innovations, Rebel Tickets has worked to foster unprecedented collaboration between ticket providers, event organizers, and the resale platform. “For the first time, we are seeing a coordinated effort that addresses the problem of unauthorized resale on multiple fronts,” notes an industry spokesperson. This collaboration has resulted in a notable reduction in incidents at the gates and has significantly improved the overall consumer experience.


The impact of Rebel Tickets is wide-ranging. Promoters and event organizers who have adopted the platform report a decrease in complaints and issues related to tickets, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reinforcing the reputation of events as safe and well-managed. Fans, on the other hand, have praised the transparency and ease of use of the platform, highlighting how it has transformed their experience of attending live events.


“We are committed not only to improving the present but to redefining the future of ticket resale. We want people to think of resale as a safe and fair option, and we are here to ensure that happens,” adds Rebel Tickets CEO, Asier Bengoa.


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